Drag-and-Drop Creation Process

Using over 50 built-in, customizable drag-and-drop functions users can quickly apply behaviours, animations and interactions to create a 3D scenario.

No coding or animation expertise required

Our visual storyboarder is easy-to-use and no longer do you need to have programming or animation expertise to create 3D scenarios. Our patent-pending process enables users to create animations and apply interactions without animation expertise or writing a line of code.

Reduce content development time by 85%

Trials have shown that users of Modest3D experience content development time savings of up to 85%.

Modest3D Development Process

Our Modest3D software enables users with no programming or animation expertise to rapidly create 3D interactive scenarios.

  • Import your 3D model

    Load your 3D models into Modest3D to start creating content. Modest3D accepts numerous file formats, including COLLADA, OBJ, FBX, Dae and many more.

  • Create and Visualize your Lesson

    Using Modest3D’s drag-and-drop interface it is easy to apply behaviours and animations and create a 3D interactive scenario.  Add functional nodes to the storyboard to create a 3D scenario. As you apply more visual nodes and connect them together your 3D scenario takes shape. You can visualize your 3D scenario as you create it!

  • Collaborate with your team

    Modest3D includes a project collaboration tool that allows you to share your project with others on your team. Team members can provide comments right within the project, visually illustrate changes required and approve a project instantly.

  • Publish and share

    Modest3D publishes to SCORM and is easily embedded in your LMS. Sharing your lesson has never been easier. In a single click you can publish your lesson to PC, web or tablet.


With Modest3D users can publish lessons to desktop applications, a tablet, phone or embed courseware directly into an LMS. Modest 3D enables users to create a lesson once and deploy the lesson to the desired platforms.