Create 3D Interactive Slides

Visualize and teach about your products through a 3D interactive presentation. Demonstrate your products and operations as if it were right in front of you.

Modest3D Explorer Benefits
Easily create 3D slides

Create engaging 3D slide demonstrations within minutes using the drag-and-drop creation process.

A wealth of built-in functionality

A wide variety of built-in functionality such as x-ray view, 2D and 3D labels, hotspots and a full library of built-in animation options means your 3D slides will bring your vision to life.

Augmented Reality Capable

Export 3D presentations directly to Microsoft HoloLens to interact with your digital content and holograms in the world around you. Explorer is the first tool of its kind to develop a direct HoloLens export capability.

Integrate with your LMS

Bookmark customized model views, including animations, and easily embed bookmark into external websites or into Learning Management Systems.

Flexible Publish Options

A variety of publish options for your Explorer experience allows you to create a desktop, tablet or augmented reality application all within the same software.

Customizable User Interface

Customize all aspects of the built-in user interface, making your presentation align with your company’s marketing and branding.

The ideal software for manufacturers to demonstrate parts assembly or components awareness for staff training or sales presentations.

Top Questions about Modest3D Explorer

How do you get the 3D models to put in Explorer?

Often clients are looking for training on their specific hardware and their engineering team can provide the 3D model and then a 3D modeler can optimize the model for training.

Can I add an Explorer lesson to a 2D Presentation?

Explorer lessons can be easily embedded into your LMS and you can launch the application within a 2D course.

Do you offer training or services to build training?

Part of the software cost is access to our videos, documentation and stellar support team. We also offer training to help you get started.

Customized Demo of Explorer
Let us show you the Explorer in action and walk you through the full feature set.